“Avanim Vetseiadim” by Ilan Averbuch

Photo: April Bishop

Where: 133rd and Mission Rd., Leawood, Kansas.

Dedicated in October 2009, this sculptural addition to Leawood’s Gezer Park is turning heads.

The Art in Public Places Initiative of the Leawood Arts Council commissioned sculptor Ilan Averbuch to create a focal point for Gezer Park, which honors Leawood’s sister city relationship with the Gezer region of Israel.

The sculpture, titled Avanim Vetseiadim, is a 29’ granite ladder placed vertically within the boundaries of the small reflecting pool that surrounds it.  Avanim Vestseiadim is Hebrew for “Steps and Stones.”

“It is visually stunning,” says April  Bishop, cultural arts coordinator for the city of Leawood.  “It’s actually 44 feet when you see it together with its reflection in the water.”

Avanim Vetseiadim is constructed of recycled granite with a steel core, keeping with Averbuch’s preference for using different combinations of common building materials, many of which are repurposed.

Averbuch balances whimsy with architecture in his characteristically large, public monuments.  Born in Tel Aviv, his resume includes commissions in public spaces all over the world.  He works and resides in New York.


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