Who is the Museum Freak?


My love for museums started early, perhaps on this fourth grade field trip.

Existentially, it’s a question I’m unwilling to explore.  But as a Museum Freak, I can tell you this:

1.  I really, really like museums. I just can’t get enough.

2.  I like pieces from the permanent collections that are too-often overlooked.  If you happen to be a 400-year-old oil painting that the hurried masses walk right on by, you have my heart.

3.  I live in Kansas City — the heart of America!  Lots here is devoted to treasures in my hometown.  Other ditties are from things I’ve seen while traveling or working from the road.

Wanderlust and the fond memory of my mother as a grade-school “picture lady” fuel much of this. Also, many of these floofers first appeared in The Kansas City Star, home to my old columns, Eye Level and Hidden Treasure.

I also write this as a scrapbook for myself. If others like to read about Picassos, Pissarros and other treasures of the greats, all the better.

Enjoy the paintings, the photographs, the artifacts, the site. And please do feel free to write to me at info@museumfreak.com. I’ll probably answer.



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